Dr. Oner Celepcikay

Co-founder & CEO

Oner is a published Data Scientist and CyberSecurity Education expert who teaches Data Mining, MIS, Data Security, Machine Learning, Data Management, and Business Analytics courses for Rice University, University of Houston Downtown and Texas A&M Commerce.

Oner is one of the founding members and current Chairman of the Board of Harmony Public Schools, the largest charter school system in Texas with a STEM focus and 48 campuses.

Oner is the founder of InnovED Education & Technology Solutions which provides STEM educational technology solutions to elementary and secondary schools.

Oner got his CyberSecurtiy training from MIT CyberSecurity Certification program and currently pursuing M.A. in Management degree from Harvard University. Oner is a co-author of the book titled “A Practice-based Model of STEM Teaching: STEM Students on the Stage (SOS)™

Mano Paul

Co-founder & CTO

Mano serves as a lead cyber security strategist (vehicles) for General Motors. I served as the CEO of Securisk Solutions a company that specializes in 1. Security Consulting 2. Security Awareness, Training and Education and 3. Security Product Development.

Additionally, Mano founded Express Certifications, a professional training and certification company, which is the OFFICIAL self assessment practice exam testing and training provider of the recognized security certifications – CISSP, CSSLP, CAP and SSCP in partnership with (ISC)2.

Mano is also the author of the 7 Qualities of Highly Secure Software and the Official (ISC)2 guide to the CSSLP book and have written a few chapters in the Information Security Management Handbook.


Reuben Paul

Reuben is the founder of CyberShaolin, a non-profit organization that aims to educate, equip and empower kids (and adults) with cybersecurity knowledge,

Reuben also founded Prudent Games, a company which develops entertaining games that are educational as well.

Reuben is a renowned cybersecutity speaker and ambassador to promote cybersecurity awareness to kids and adults (parents).



Dylan Che

Dylan Che studies CyberSecurity for Air Force and he and his team from Sugar Land, TX were US Champions in Air Force Cyber Patriot competition in 2014. Dylan coordinates the high school curriculum material developments for InnovED. Dylan visits students along with team members, during the camps both in Houston and San Antonio, presents his and his team journey to US Championship.