CyberSecurity Ed & Coding Camp for Cyber Knights (6-8 Graders) Icon Grades 6-8
Learn cyber security concepts, hacker-attack threats and techniques. Learn higher-level programming languages (C#, Java, Python),...
Course1 Week
CyberSecurity Ed & Coding Camp for High School Students (9-12 Graders) Icon Grades 9-12
Learn about the common hacker threats: SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), Remote Code execution, and...
Course1 Week
Credit30 hours
Cyber Security and Coding Program for Upper Elementary (3-5 Graders) Icon Grades 3-5
Learn coding and develop games using Scratch by drag & drop Learn cyber security concepts...
Course1 Week
Credit40 Hours
CyberPatriot Competition Coaching Icon Grades 8-12
Unique Hands-on curriculum to prepare you for the Airforce Assoc CyberPatriot Competition. Team coaching, mock...
Course8 months
Credit78 Hours